Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goddamn I am inconsistent

About updating this blog, that is. I've been pretty consistent with workouts, although I did have to take about four days in a row off while I traveled around the PA/NJ area visiting Grandparents over the new year weekend. These four days also constituted a Lost Weekend as far as eating, because one simply cannot refuse the Italian dinners and Christmas cookies thrust upon one by elderly, loving grandparents who only have so many years left to stuff their grandchildren full of carbohydrates.

Bodyrock is doing a 30 Day Challenge right now, and although I'm a couple days behind because I didn't notice it until today, I'm going to be joining in. I just completed the Fit Test (we do one before the challenge and one after and compare results), and here's where I was at:

10:50 sec intervals
Squat jump - 26
Pushups - 15
Burpees - 9
High knees - 87
Switch lunges - 30
Tuck jumps - 18
Straight abs - 20 (these are just your basic crunches)

I feel I would have been able to knock out significantly more reps of the later exercises if I weren't so freaking winded from the earlier intervals. I mean, obviously I can do more than 20 crunches in 50 seconds. But breathing became an issue.

Later tonight after I return from Pub Quiz I will be squeezing in the Day 2 workout, which looks hellish, but I'm excited because I finally procured a sandbag! I filled it with 35 pounds of sand, because that's what Zuzana and Lisa-Marie use and they are like half my size so I figure I can do it too.

Eating today has been good. I did bulletproof coffee in the morning, and for lunch had leftover roast chicken, mashed cauliflower (this was amazing and I want to eat it all the time), and a single leftover bacon-wrapped asparagus. I also had some spinach with feta, cranberries, and olive oil. Oh, and some of that coconut turmeric tea I think I wrote about earlier that I'm obsessed with. The end. Off to shower now. I'll be back later.

163 days till Tough Mudder!

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