Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rest Day

Yes indeed, people, we've finally run straight into the tired/achy/fatigued wall that is Special Lady Friend, so thank goodness I haven't been slacking on workouts lately, because I need a rest day. This was suspected when I was woken from sleep at five in the morning with the existential pain of unhappy reproductive organs, necessitating a large dose of aspirin and lots of laying around moaning; it was then confirmed when I began climbing the stairs as usual at work (I have a no-elevator-allowed rule and work on the fifth floor) and made it through two flights before muscle burn and general fatigue forced me to take a breather. For reference, usually I clomp up the stairs at a steady pace with no breather required. So yeah, this was a strong indication that the bod needs a Sabbath.

Which is too bad, because the Bodyrock workouts for today look stellar. I'll just pick them up again tomorrow, and then my workout week will run through Sunday.

Edited to add: This post does not mean that I'm doing nothing today; I took River on a two-mile hilly walk this morning and will be doing at least a 60-minute yoga session this evening. I'm also working through the Ron Record pullup protocol and will be doing Day 2 (already half done).

Last night I made a sirloin tip roast, which I'd never done before. It came out great. I also marinated kale in coconut milk for a few hours, and when sauteed with bacon and onions it became the most creamy, smooth, delicious kale ever. Great trick.

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