Wednesday, January 11, 2012

30 Day Challenge - Day 9

Day 9... woo. I was tired and my muscles felt pretty fatigued today, but I pushed through with both workouts regardless.

First workout: Domino Workout. The moves and my reps are below. I changed a lot of the moves because for whatever reason, they just weren't working me:

12x 10:50 sec intervals - 2x through circuit:

1. Box Jump + 1/2 Burpee (Alternative sides) - 6, 4
2. Lunge & Swing using the Pink Sandbag - I changed this to straight up sandbag swings because I could not for the life of me figure out how Lisa Marie was lunging and swinging at the same time. My reps: 10, 18
3. 3 point jumps + R & L Knee to Elbow (I added a pushup as well) - 4, 4
4. Knee-to-elbow hops (I changed this because the absence of an Ugi was really making the move pointless) - 20 each side, 20 each side
5. Leg raises - 20, 25
6. Handstand (Changed this because I'm working on my handstand) - Full time, 10sec off (meaning I came down with 10sec left on the clock for fear of collapse)

This workout was... okay. I dunno. I was pretty tired and not really into it, and then it just felt like a lot of the moves were simultaneously too hard and also not doing anything. I wasn't feeling it.

Second workout was one of Sean's Time Trials. This was way more straightforward.

For time, 3x through:

50 Skips
15 Pushups off of the Swiss Ball alternating legs
50 Skips
15 Wide Pushups (I did plank jacks because... woof too many pushups)
50 Skips
15 Sandbag Squats
50 Skips
15 Elevated chair dips (feet up)
50 Skips

I ended up doing this only twice through because it was KILLING me and my form was starting to go. It was really good, though. Unlike the prior workout, I got into it and was pushing each set. The sandbag squats were really hard, especially when I did them overhead, i.e. holding the sandbag with straight arms overhead. I actually dropped the bag a couple times. And I mixed up the skips by pretending I was doing double-unders for some of the sets. Twas fun. And strenuous. I got two rounds in 13:58.

I'm tired.

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