Saturday, January 7, 2012

30-day challenge day 2 and 3

Yikes. So, work got squishy this week. All I was able to do the past couple of days was long walks with River and a 60-minute yoga session yesterday. So that meant that today and tomorrow, I have to catch up on 4 days of the 30-day challenge.

I'm doing just fine so far, incidentally. This morning I did Day 2: Good Feeling Workout, which was pretty cardio-heavy and really good and hard, with 12 10:50 sec intervals for 12 minutes total. I'm not going to type out all twelve moves and all my reps for each, because each move is like three parts! They've been really into these mashup moves lately on Bodyrock and while they definitely keep things interesting and never boring, it is REALLY hard to not only remember what each move is, but to remember the order and what comes next. I spent a while watching the video through a couple times and writing down each move in my notebook before actually working out. Then, after doing a couple of intervals at 10:50, I decided that I'm just not in shape enough to hold form and still give it my all for 50 seconds with only 10 seconds off. So, I changed the intervals to 20:40, which was way better. I could push hard to the end and still retain my form. The workout was TOUGH and I was totally beat afterward.

This evening, after doing all my errands and random Saturday stuff, I did Day 3: International Love Workout, as well as Sean's weighted time trial workout. Again, I'm not going to type out all the moves and my reps for each, because it was more of the same very complicated mashup moves. Any move that requires the dip station, which I don't have, I modify, doing the move hanging from my pullup bar either straight arms or in a chinup hang.

Sean's tossing out these weighted time trials about every other day, so I've decided to do them. This one was:

Low Jacks Press
Single Arm Lateral Raise/Lunge
Firemans Lift x 30 (15 each side)
Single Arm Press Lunge

Basically you do 15 each for time. Sean's sandbag was at 20 pounds, and he was really huffing and puffing and struggling, so I reduced my sandbag to 15 pounds and... it was too easy. I think I did something wrong. I don't know. Anyway, it was still hard, for sure, but I got through it in 6 minutes 18 seconds, and other people on the site were taking way longer. Was I supposed to do repeats of the circuit? I don't know. Weird. I think I'll just keep my sandbag at 35 pounds for the next trial.

Speaking of: I got a sandbag! I fricking LOVE it. Like, I REALLY LOVE it. A lot. It's awesome. I can't believe I've gone this long without one. Definitely my new favorite toy. Also, I've discovered that the little padded cylindrical stools from inside my mom's leather ottoman work reasonably well as a replacement for the Ugi, which I refuse to shell out 150 bucks for, I just refuse.

Tomorrow I will be doing Day 4, Day 5, and another of Sean's time trials, plus I'm doing a 90-minute yoga class. WOOHOO EFFORT

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