Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 11

Back in the saddle. Today was a double workout because it was one of Sean's time trials. I actually did the time trial first because it started with sandbag swings and that seemed like a good warmup.

Sean's Time Trial:
15 Sand Bag Swing
15 Sand Bag Up Right Row
15 Sand Bag Press
15 Sand Bag Squats

Yeah, if you're nitpicking here, the one Sean laid out was a little different. But I did a few of the Squat Jump Presses and Lunge Press Side Turns and it just wasn't working out--the sandbag was too heavy for me to be able to do 15 without killing myself, but I didn't want to have to dismantle the bag and change the weight for every move, because that's obnoxious and wastes time (and it's a time trial!). So I scaled the workout slightly to be doable with max effort, and with the full 35 pounds in the sandbag I usually use.

This time trial was pretty good. Pure weight training. I especially liked the upright rows, which incorporated an abs element by having me pick the bag up on one side of my body, row it, then put it down on the other side, then repeat, switching sides every time.

Time: 13:04. Getting faster with these things!

Next, I did Lisa Marie's Hot Wild Ones workout, which was a good workout but unremarkable. Very typical Bodyrock moves, 10:50sec x12.

Sandbag Clean & Press - 10, 10
Squat Leaps - 18, 21
3 Tier Push ups (I did regular pushups because... I'm a wimp) - 13, 16
Leg raises - 25, 18
Sandbag Squat & Press - 14, 16
Handstand - -10sec, -15sec

As you eagle-eyed readers might notice, yes, I changed two of these moves, too. I like to get a solid ab section in, hence the leg raises, and I'm really trying to get a handstand this year, hence practicing.

I really pushed this workout, forcing myself to keep going hard until the beep, even though on certain moves (the squat leaps and the squat & press) I thought I was going to collapse in exhaustion. All my moves showed respectable numbers, except, for some reason, my handstands, which I just could not hold tonight. Tired shoulders? I don't know. I've been doing the Recon Ron pullup protocol the last few days, so maybe that's having an effect on muscle fatigue.

Delicious dinner tonight, even though Giant screwed me by not having any spaghetti squash. I got acorn squash instead, roasted it, and filled it with meaty tomato sauce that I simmered for an hour on the stove. Yumzors. For a special treat, I made an apple and a pear chopped up and sauteed in butter with cinnamon and walnut pieces, and some whipped cream from scratch. I didn't add sugar to any of it, so it was still technically not terrible. And DELICIOUS.

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