Monday, January 9, 2012

30 day challenge, days 4 and 5

Hoo boy, I am SORE. I expected as much after two straight days of doubled-up Bodyrock, but man. Bodyrock is effective.

Recap of Saturday:
Did Bodyrock Day 2 workout
Did Bodyrock Day 3 workout
Did Sean's Time Trial

Now, yesterday:
Did Bodyrock Day 4 workout
Led 90-minute Moksha class (I did the whole practice because I was teaching total newbies, so it was just as intense as usual)
Did Bodyrock Day 5 workout

You'll notice that I did not do Sean's Time Trial for Day 5, simply because I was too dang tired after two workouts and a 90-minute Moksha session. But at least I'm all caught up! Hooray.

Today I plan on doing Bodyrock Day 6 if they post it in time (I have to squeeze in my workout before my rescue shift), and if not, I planned this workout last night:

20:40, 15 rounds
3x through:
Sandbag clean, press, pushup
Handstand (hold handstand for 40 sec)
Fireman's carry squat and switch (sandbag)
Sandbag swing

Abs Tabata:
Alternating hanging Vs and laying leg lifts

That'll end up being about 20 minutes including cooldown. And I LOVE my sandbag, so I actually kinda hope Bodyrock doesn't get the workout up in time, although if they don't it means I have to double up tomorrow (for me it's all about doing ALL the workouts, even if I do other ones, too).

I will also be taking River for a walk. I need to start getting more serious about the whole Move Slowly aspect of Primal living... usually I just take River to the dog park because it's better exercise for her, and then I don't have time for a walk.

Food last week was exemplary. I am on a really hot streak right now. This site is really helping me stick to the low-carb cut-mode diet discipline, as well as motivating me not to skip workouts. This Saturday was supposed to be my cheat day, and I didn't even feel like cheating! I had a cookie at my dad's house and just kind of left it at that. Then last night, I still didn't feel like cheating, but I did want some kind of dessert, so I made Primal Pumpkin Pie and had a slice with a little scoop of vanilla ice cream. All told, it was about 20g of sugar, and it didn't give me a sugar rush or anything. Very good choices. Usually on my cheat days I stuff myself with shit.

I will update later about what workout I end up doing.

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