Thursday, December 22, 2011

Turbulence Training

Inspired by this awesome infographic all about HIIT from Conditioning Research, and looking to mix things up, today I tried a Turbulence Training-style workout. TT is something created by the awesome trainer, athlete and blogger Craig Ballantyne (youtube him for lots of videos). Essentially, it involves mixing heavy lifting and high-intensity cardio into one big HIIT workout. Here's what I did:

Warmup: 1 mile jog

Turbulence training:
1 minute HIT jump rope followed by 8 reps of lifting; alternate between 8rep sets and 1 minute jump rope

I put together a little circuit of deadlifts, weighted squats, weighted lunges, plank leg raises, and a weighted squat/side lunge w/leg lift. I did this circuit twice, with 1 minute of high intensity jump rope in between each individual move.

All told, it took me 25 minutes and was pretty damn difficult. Guess what: jumping rope for a minute straight is tough! Usually I do 30 seconds.

After I finished the TT workout, I did a quick but very intense ab routine of leg lifts, bicycles, and weighted situps. I did 10 of each move and repeated the circuit 3 times with no breaks. My abs, they burned.

Then I hopped on the stair climber. Five minutes later I nearly fell off. Um, so, yyyeeeaahhh, I need to work stair climbing into every workout until I can do it longer than five minutes, because that shit is EXACTLY what the mud is going to feel like.

I've had barely anything to eat today. Bad, I know. I had three eggs in the morning... and then water all day. I'm about to go make myself a huge amount of food. PEACE

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