Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bodyrock and home hot yoga

Bodyrock has been doing this thing lately where they'll put up two or three 4-minute routines and you can mix and match. So, mix and match I did!

Yesterday was a rest day (because I did my strength day on Sunday instead of Tuesday), so today I did a Bodyrock and some yoga. For Bodyrock, I mixed together 12 minutes of workout. Here's what I did:

Sean's Ultimate Burpee Bodyweight Workout Scores:
Regular Burpee: 8
Star Burpee: 6
Side Burpee: 6
1 Leg Burpee: 6

One leg squat jump
One arm pushup
One leg pushup
High Knees

Laying leg lifts 18
Hanging knee raises front and sides 6
Knees together squeezes
Knees apart squeezes

The burpees were killer, especially the star burpees. One-armed pushups? UH NO. I couldn't even do one, on my knees. So I def need to work on those, like a lot. I just pumped out lots and lots of regular ones.

I think I enjoyed the abs portion the best. I like the laying leg lifts (I don't have an exercise ball like Lisa-Marie does in the video, so I just lay down on the floor and held the bedpost as I lifted). Holding on to something above my head kept my back more stable and allowed me do to the lifts with WAY better form than usual. I don't have a dip station, so I do the knee raises hanging from my pullup bar, which has the added benefit of strengthening my hang ability, which needs to go up by a LOT if I'm gonna do monkey bars in May.

I followed up this 12-minute workout with a 20-minute vigorous yoga session in my bathroom, which I've figured out how to turn into a reasonable semblance of a hot studio by running the shower for a bit to build up some steam, then sticking my space heater in there to heat everything up. I think I need to put the space heater on the floor instead of the counter next time, because heat rises and the floor ended up staying pretty cool. But otherwise it was awesome! Gonna do yoga every day in there and save myself a bundle paying for hot studio membership.

Tonight I roasted a chicken using the greatest chicken recipe ever, which I've used before and I can honestly say makes the juiciest, best chicken of all time. Next time you have a whole chicken, do it. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of ingredients and preparation. It's unbelievably good.

Tomorrow is Leg Strength back at the fire station gym. *puts on sunglasses* YYEEEEAAAAHHHHH

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