Friday, December 16, 2011

Quick tabatas

Okay so yesterday didn't go exactly as planned re: hill sprints and kettle bell and what have you. I, as usual, ran out of time. So I did a quick 15-ish minutes that was really intense.

It was essentially intervals of jump rope tabatas and a three-move circuit. I did a tabata of high knees on the jump rope, then popped down and did 10 pushups, 10 Turkish getups with my 20lb kettlebell, and 10 abmat situps. Then I jumped straight back into another tabata. I managed to get in three tabatas and three circuits in about 15 minutes... I can't remember my exact time.

Then I hightailed it to state EMT testing, which was nerve-wracking. I'm pretty sure I failed the Trauma station. Crap. But at least I'm DONE!

I'm also proud of myself that I didn't go crazy with stress eating at the bar last night. My whole class came out to celebrate and I a) stuck to wine even though I REALLY WANTED a beer, and b) didn't stuff my face with the many plates of cheese fries that were going around. I had a bite of a chicken tender and that was it. Go me.

Today I need to do my Tough Mudder workout, but I have to work all day and I'm pretty hungover and I didn't get much sleep. So, we'll see. It might behoove me to just take a rest day, since I haven't had a rest day all week and I'm doing the three-hour Getting Started class at Crossfit Fairfax tomorrow morning.

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