Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rest Day

Okay so yeah. Yesterday I woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a bus, slogged through my morning walk with River (we walk about two miles every morning), stumbled through my shower, was so foggy-brained I forgot my phone, then my wallet, and had to drive back to my house twice. Seriously. Then I got to work and could barely think or keep my eyes open all day, even with a LOT of black coffee running through my system. My body was clearly trying to tell me something.

So I decided about halfway through the day that it would be a rest day. Yeah, it's not very P90X of me, but I've already shown myself that I can actually do six P90X workouts in a row, from when I did it last year, so my ego wasn't really at stake or anything. And I honestly think rest days are super important, especially when my body is so clearly screaming at me that it needs a day off.

I decided instead to devote my evening to preparing food for the week. I went to Trader Joe's to shop, then got home and made stuffed red bell peppers for dinner (stuffing = ground beef, crab, and kale). I also made a crustless quiche with the leftover pepper stuffing and threw the ingredients for this paleo chili into the crockpot to simmer overnight. Should do me for lunches for a few days.

Since I hadn't worked out beyond a 30-minute easy walk, and I wasn't planning any more activity beyond a nighttime 30-minute walk, I kept my food very low-carb and minimal yesterday. I also wasn't very hungry all day. As usual, I had nothing but black coffee and water with lemon until about 11:30, then I had my sardines/avocado "salsa". I wasn't hungry again until I got home at about five, when I had a small salad of baby spinach, olive oil, herbs, a can of salmon, and mustard on top. Then for dinner a couple hours later I made me and my mom two stuffed peppers each, but I only ate one because I just wasn't very hungry. We also had roasted brussels sprouts--basically my favorite vegetable ever--on the side. Those are like candy to me.

Here is a FitDay chart for my day:

I'm very happy with the fat and protein ratios there. Very good. However, the total calories were only 1,154, which is not nearly enough, way way way too low. I just wasn't hungry yesterday and was so exhausted. I think maybe I've been battling the cold that's been going around and yesterday was the climactic battle, or something. I was in bed by 10 on the dot and fell immediately asleep. And it was hard to stay awake that late! I only did because my mom and one of my friends LOVE American Idol so I'm watching it this season, and I text with my friend the whole time we're watching.

This morning it was pouring rain, which always makes my body want to sleep in, but luckily I felt much better than yesterday and got up right on time to take River for our walk. We got soaked. It was still a pretty lovely walk.

Tonight will be Shoulders & Arms, what I remember being my favorite of the P90X workouts, and the dreaded Ab Ripper. Christ it hurts.

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