Saturday, March 12, 2011

Phase 1 - Day 5

Oooooooh damn. I am going to be sore tomorrow. Today was Legs & Back, and it's pretty brutal. Squat after lunge after jump after calf raise, again and again and again. And then in between all the leg torture, we get to do enough pullups sets that apparently we did 150 pullups total. I didn't, I'm sure. But I did do about 15 assisted per set, and there were 8 sets, so... 120? Go me. My shoulders are currently in some pre-pain. I can feel it coming on.

I have to say, though, I really enjoyed this workout, mostly because I can feel so intensely the muscles in my legs and butt getting stronger. All that torture is going to be worth it for the butt of my dreams. Tony's also pretty subdued on this one, although he does creepily scream at Dreya at one point, "Whoa, the shirt comes off!" when she gets sweaty and removes her t-shirt. Ew. Otherwise, though, he's not quite as manic as usual. I kind of feel like I give him a bad rap because he truly comes across as just really friendly and generous, and he's so enthusiastic with the others and with the audience. It's just tempered by this tinge of creepy, narcissistic social awkwardness that's... Michael Scott-like, is the only way I can think to describe it. Not anything to hang him over, but I see why they provide the "mute" option on the DVDs.

Yesterday River and I were able to get a run in, thank goodness, but it was a pretty bad one because it was obnoxiously windy and River was so happy to be out of the house after all the rain that she lunged after every squirrel/leaf/runner/etc. and I got yanked all over the path. Ergh. Still, got in about 3 miles, albeit slow ones.

Tomorrow will be a long run, yoga, and resting. Then I start week 2. Confuse my muscles, Tony!

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