Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Phase 1 - Day 2

Aaaaand we stumble right out of the gate.

Monday night saw me scrambling to get work done, stop at the store for puppy and person dinners, and arrive home with barely enough time to eat before bedtime. Certainly no time for the planned 3-miler, and the weather wasn't cooperating anyway. So, I skipped it, and by the time I had made dinner it was too late for Ab Ripper *and* eating. So I skipped Ab Ripper too. I apologize to the P90X gods. Clearly, there are some issues with the whole "split workouts" concept, namely that if things go crazy at work, the rest of the evening gets thrown into flux to such a degree that my exercising gets boned.

Yesterday I got up early enough to take River to the dog park before work for her exercise, then after work I did Plyometrics. GAAAAAAAAH I hate that workout. It's SO HARD. And SO LONG. Oh man. Just hate it. But I finished it, limped into the kitchen and had a recovery shake, then took River for a 30-minute walk in the fresh night air before bed.

Tonight will be (hopefully, time and weather permitting) a run with River, Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X, a bedtime walk with River, and plenty of sleep. However, the weather report says it's gonna start raining pretty much right when I get out of work, so the run might have to be canceled. Gah. The weather is really messing with me lately.

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