Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Damn you pistol squats

Yesterday, thankfully, was a Crossfit rest day, so I took a rest day, too. It was actually more than just a relief, it was completely necessary, as my thighs were so thrashed from the pistol squats I did that I could barely walk. Today was the same, with the hobbling and screeching in pain whenever I needed to bend for anything. I was planning on doing a Bodyrock workout, but quickly realized that my thighs need a but more downtime. So instead, I muddled through an easy 2-miler just now, and I'll do my 100 Pushups Challenge pushups tonight, walk River, and call things kosher.

Tomorrow's Bodyrock (actually it's today's, but I'll be doing it tomorrow) looks BRUTAL. At one point Zuzana collapses, just breathing, and squeaks out, "This is really hard!" I'm excited. It involves cartwheels.

Eating the past couple days has been weird. Technically it hasn't been too terrible, it just feels terrible because I've been so diligently Whole30-ing it for the past month. I had some dark chocolate and some cheese last night, and today I've had almost nothing, just nibbled on some more dark chocolate and cheese (this stuff was in the house because my mom wanted a pig-out night). I'm not really hungry and don't think I'll have dinner. So far the readdition of cheese into my diet has caused no problems. I still don't think I'll make it a habit, and I definitely don't see milk, cream and yogurt as things I'll be eating on the regular ever again.

In other news, did I mention my legs hurt? OW

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