Monday, November 14, 2011

Bodyrock - Sexy Time Abs workout

Didn't get to work out yesterday because I was at EMT class all day, then there was Family Day at the training center, then I had a study group for next weekend's tests, then I went to dinner with my mom, who was on vacation all week. But I did walk River in the morning, so at least there was a little exercise in my day.

This morning I took River to the park, had my coffee, and did my Bodyrock. It was one of those workouts where some of the moves were so hard as to be impossible to do with good form, and others were easy enough that I was modifying them to make them harder.

Here's the workout: Sexy Time Abs workout

12 minutes of 10:50 second intervals, 4-exercise circuit.

Here are my reps:

Split squats - 8-7-8
Kettlebell plank hip thrust - 9-13-14
3way plank jumps - 14-16-held
Kettlebell situps - 19-21-22

The split squats were ridic, probably because instead of an 8lb Ugi I was holding my 20lb kettlebell. I could barely do more than a few in each set. Then the plank hip thrusts were kinda boring and not really working for me, so I changed them to a kettlebell swing and incorporated a side swing on each pass to really work the core. The 3 way plank jumps were... again, not easy, per se, just kind of not working for me. I mean, if it's a Sexy Time Abs workout, I want my core to be burning, not my quads. I did two sets and then just held the plank for the third set because I really wanted to feel my abs. The kettlebell situps were great, very hard but also doable.

Today I've eaten very little, which is kinda bad, but then again I had a couple cheese fries and a beer yesterday at the study session (hanging out with fire rescue people virtually guarantees bad food choices). I've had three HB eggs, some roast turkey, some grape tomatoes and the last bit of my container of cacao nibs from Trader Joes. Hopefully we'll do something not terrible, like Boston Market or Chipotle, for shift dinner tonight so I can continue my good eating choices.

Tomorrow I'm going to try something new that is aimed more at training for Tough Mudder. I'll leave you hanging on that incredibly exciting cliffhanger.

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